Device AFTrafMgr1.3 added and deleted

Glasswire Elite 1.2.109 being used on laptop with Win7Ent 64bit.

Every day when I open lid from overnight sleep mode, I see the message
Device AFTrafMgr1.3 added (or deleted)

What is this?


I searched around and I found some references to Hot Spot Shield, do you use that VPN? If not I’m not sure. Can you find the file on your PC and upload it to and see if anything appears?

Yes, Hot Spot Shield is installed but it is not running and is not on autostart list of programs. It is set to manual mode only for launching and has not been in use for the last week.

It would be helpful if the “added” and “removed” listed items could be clicked on and perhaps point to a file location or allow user to “open file location” or something similar.

As it is now, it just creates an ambiguous popup without real meaning or directions. I mean, what is a user supposed to do with these, especially if the alert is critical as opposed to a message that is churned (repeated add/remove)

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You have a good point. We should have an easier way to locate the file so the user can test it.

Usually these adapters coming/going are a software bug, so most people don’t see them very often. We should probably add a white list or something like that. You can also go to GlassWire’s settings and turn off the “device list monitor” if you prefer.

I apologize for the problem.