Device list monitor - exceptions

I use different gamepads on my computer (Xbox wireless, HOTAS etc.) and every time i connect or disconnect one of them, i get a message from the device List monitor. The “Alerts” tab is completely flooded with those kind of messages.

My suggestion is to add an exeption setting under settings --> security --> device list monitor


Go to your settings/security and click “network device monitor” then click “show only new unknown devices”.

As long as the “Device list monitor” is turned on, this setting doesn´t change anything. I´ve disabled the dlm temporary.

Network device monitor: Notify me ablout network device activity

  • Report all devices joining or leaving
  • Report only new unknown devices

Device list monitor: Notify me if a networking device or driver has been added, removed or changed.

Why are there even two different alert options? As the description says, the only difference is the notification ablout changed network drivers. Or did i miss something?


Sorry, I thought you were saying when your Xbox itself is disconnected you get a warning but I now see it’s devices you are connecting to your PC.

One of our settings is for hardware devices listed under our “network” tab and the other is for network devices that connect to your PC.

We will improve this feature in the future, thanks for your feedback.