Did Glasswire break my computer? (solved)


I recently tried out Glasswire since it was recommended to me and so far I had a good run. It’s a neat program that helps me keep track of apps usage of internet. However…

Since my trial ended I noticed something. My spotify promptly tells me it has no access to the internet. I thought it was odd and tried restarting it to no avail. Then I remember that Glasswire didn’t have a pop up for it when it started to allow access so I checked the Glasswire app to see if I could let it slide. Trial ended - no options - no way to let Spotify’s internet usage pass. So I try to shut down Glasswire and then try Spotify again. Still no internet.

Now I’m a bit worried to restart or shut down my computer if Glasswire will stop all internet traffic unless accepting it, especially since I use it for work.

Any ideas, tips or insight is highly appreciated.


GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API for blocking, so it can’t mess up your computer. Many IT and Information Security professionals use the same API.

If your Windows Firewall rules are damaged in some way it’s easy to fix. First go to add/remove programs and make sure GlassWire is uninstalled.

Now consider rebooting just to be safe.

Next go to the “Windows Firewall” control panel and find the option “restore defaults” and do so. Now reboot again (just to be safe).

Now your Windows Firewall rules are back to the Windows default and there is no way it can have any issues. If you are still having connectivity issues after doing that it’s very unlikely it’s due to GlassWire.

So no, I do not think GlassWire broke your computer and we do not operate our company or software where it can do that.

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Thank you for the quick reply.
I am relieved to say that it worked well and everything is fine.

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Ha. thanks for the solution!