Did Glasswire local server just crash?

As the topic suggests.
5 minutes ago Glasswire local server wouldn’t load.
Was this a system wide issue or something my end?

It is a bug in the driver.

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in which driver?
the Glasswire software?
if your aware of this should they have not already resolved it?
It happens to you also?
how did you fix it or did you move on from the software?
it just happened again so i have shared the log with them.
If they don’t resolve it this week i will seek a refund.
Thanks for sharing this and making me aware that this is something they are likely aware of

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Hi @PsYAuM,

Thanks for your questions. The rebuild of the driver is not a small task and has taken our developers a long time to rebuild. The new driver is currently in the testing phase and due to be released within a few weeks.

Please email help@glasswire.com to seek assistance or for a refund, and the team will be able to help.



This bug was introduced Nov last year and they are working on a fix.

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