Did MS update, Glasswire no longer starts

I did the latest Win10 Update on my Laptop, and found that Glasswire will no long start. It gives me a grey screen saying,
“Glasswire services stopped running” and gives me the option to reconnect. Unfortunately the option doesn’t reconnect.
This is the for pay version of Glasswire.


Sorry for the issue. I just updated my Windows 10 version to see if there were any issues and it seems everything should be OK with Windows and GlassWire.

Please go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire.


Please install our latest version, did it solve it?

You should still have your history, settings, and paid version.

Turn off Glasswire, the uninstalled, then reinstalled, restarted, same problem


I was hoping to save your settings if possible.

I think it’s possible your database was somehow corrupted during the Windows update and it’s causing this issue with the .dmp file.

Please try the instructions again but please choose “clean install” when installing our latest version after the reboot. You will lose your settings/history unfortunately, but your paid version should stay intact.

I apologize for the issue.

Thank You,
That did the trick