Did not install correctly. Needs a microsoft digitally signed driver

GlassWire can’t connect. Needs Microsoft digitally signed driver. Help please.

Glasswire team just updated their GlassWire software where it is signed by a new SHA256 certificate. Due
to this new certificate they noticed that Microsoft Smartscreen is giving some
users errors on their desktop about their file potentially being unsafe.
This error should go away once a certain number of users install their newly updated glasswire software and confirm it’s safe.

This new certificate may also cause problems on very old Windows 7
systems that have almost no software updates. If you are experiencing
any errors with this update please make sure your Windows 7 computer has
at least service pack 1.

and if u can’t
then click his link and install the update

I had service pack 1 installed, but still wouldn’t install correctly. I finally thought to restart the computer. It then installed correctly. Thank you for your reply.

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