Did you take features then try to sell them back? (solved, no we don't do that)


I just update my gw, and noticed several functions are missing, then I get a message offering them back to me for $20. What is that about, do I need to uninstall and downgrade?



No, we don’t do that and never have. There must be a misunderstanding.

Please email me a screenshot or details on what you are seeing.


I sent screens and info.

Also, toggling incognito mode populated the traffic data from the last 6 months that was missing.



I replied, did you get my email? Yes, I sent a second email later when I realized you were in Incognito. So that’s why you have no “usage” history.

If you switch off Incognito you’ll start to see “usage” history.

Please check the “Incognito” section.