Different windows users

I notice that when other people log in Glasswire doesn’t startup, it only does in my account. Is it supposed to work on only one or is it ok to open another instance? If working on both windows accounts, will the grapgics data be separate or will it sync?
I installed it through steam.

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I think with Steam it (Steam) needs to be installed on each user account. Sorry for the problem.


Steam is installed by default for all users, but only used by me. On the other account I went to the steam/glasswire installation folder and started Glasswire.exe. It syncs all the data with the one on my account. its like having the same program appearing on both accounts but with 2 processes on the Task Manager, except stuff like Themes and Setting, those are different for each account. I checekd the box for startup there as well and now it will probably be working fine.

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