Disable client connection logging

I am missing an option to disable the client connection / disconnection logging. I didn’t find such an option in the settings / security tab.

It just gets really annoying when connecting to a glasswire-monitored server and having to “click away” the alert that a client has connected / disconnected.

Apologies if I have simply missed the config option!

We never thought about how this might be annoying. The reason we added this feature was so you could see if anyone connected to your computer/server so we are worried about disabling it. I guess we need to think more about it… maybe it could appear in the alerts but not add a new number to the GlassWire icon or tab.

That might be the case for multi-user environments, but for a well-secured local network with only one admin, it is an unnecessary feature.

Your possible solution sounds good, though it will still clutter up the event list. Another solution would be to add an option to filter the connection/disconnection entries locally (so the connecting client does not see them, but they are still displayed on the GUI running on the server machine).

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I think we’ll add in something under settings/security to disable it.