Disable Notifications + Sketchy GlassWire Practices

Really Glasswire, I want to like your software, but having truly no way of disabling pop-ups, and hiding different notifications in different parts of your menu is awful UX. You pretend to listen to customer feedback but really you’re just as bad as having malware.

Also… It’s very impressive you guys have locked your subreddit due to community complaints, now I feel like since you’ve got my email you’ll also send me reminders of each new iteration.

Thanks but no thanks.


It’s true there is the option to turn different security options/notifications on and off under our settings/security area, but you can also disable them under “General” in one place. GlassWire has always been that way since its 1.0 software. I think it would be weird if users were forced to turn off all of our security features at once and that does not make any sense to me.

For our download and upgrade notifications we don’t hide those for free users because we feel downloading software updates is important for security reasons. If you are a paid user you have other options also. Free users can go to our top right “Snooze” menu to snooze all notifications while gaming, doing presentations, etc… and this feature has also always existed since GlassWire 1.0.

About Reddit, we did not make that Subreddit. Someone else did. I have no idea how to get your email from Reddit. Are you saying that we plan to somehow spam you from Reddit and that is sketchy?

If someone is spamming you from there it’s not us doing it. Please send details and I can ask Reddit to shut it down. https://www.glasswire.com/contact/

Also our software is ad-banner free and tracking-free so we depend on people to purchase GlassWire so we can continue to work on this project. We are grateful to people who do so.

Sometimes people want our software to be free with ad banners or third party bundles, and they think selling software is ‘sketchy’. If you feel selling software is ‘sketchy’ then you may want to look at open source alternative software, or ad/bundle supported software.

Most of our customers don’t want to be spied on or tracked, so they feel it’s worth it to pay for software that doesn’t track them but does show them what apps are wasting their data, or tracking them. https://www.glasswire.com/privacy/


Ok, I’ve done that, so why the f*** am I still getting ‘upgrade now’ notifications? I didn’t give you permission to give me notifications so f*** off.