Disk I/O - Writes very high

I think something’s wrong there … (1.2.96)

I have GlassWire Control Service that started 20:03:45 14/03/2017 (3.5 days ago) and it’s Disk Writes are fairly high.
During that time, it wrote 2.5 million times for total 21.6 GB! (where?). That’s ~250MB per hour average.

Process Explorer stats:

That will shorten the life of your SSD’s for sure. Interested in following this thread.

This is covered in detail in the threads below. We are creating a new version of GlassWire that does not log hosts.

GlassWire does have to write to your hard drive to collect hosts/data but it depends on your network activity. If you use something like Bittorrent with enormous amounts of hosts you could switch to our “Incognito” mode temporarily.

Also please note our Android software does not log hosts/traffic types, so its SSD usage is minimal.

I am not using hosts file though, C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts has not been modified since April last year.
Not using bittorrent either or any other p2p, the only thing I could think of is it could be somewhat related to VPN software or browser’s uBlock Origin.

I will look forward to the new version, will try move the log/stats as suggested in the other threads.

Also, would be nice to have installation option to keep “service” folder in GlassWire installation folder instead of ProgramData

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Thanks for your feedback. We plan to improve this for GlassWire 2.0.

when is GW2.0 launching? keep hearing this unicorn 2.0 version but … hmm

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I’m not sure… we are still deciding on the final features.

deciding on final features?!!? that means launch is no where near 3months away


Nah, we are deciding how host/hostless versions of GlassWire will work. Basically it’s just removing something and figuring out how to let people turn it back on if they want.

What is the name of the software you used to check how much disk i/o writes glasswire have performed?

Process Explorer: technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/processexplorer.aspx

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