Dismissing Notification

Suggest changing behavior on the toast notification.

  1. If user clicks on the toast, it gets dismissed.
  2. If the user clicks the expand button in the top corner (instead of the X) then it goes to the alert history for details.

I suggest this because the toast notification contains pretty much the same information as the alert. There is not a lot of content to expand. Having to click for any notification in the top right corner requires focus since it’s very small. This means either you stop what you are doing to click very precisely to just dismiss something you’ve already read, or you pile up “alert notifications” in the tray.

Since Glasswire is designed to be very unintrusive for the most part, this seems consistent with making it easy to quickly dismissing the alerts by just clicking on it.


Thanks for your feedback. When you say “toast”, what part do you mean exactly?

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The popup notification

But if you click on the actual notification, I think it launches GlassWire itself and goes to the alert tab. I’m waiting for my next alert to confirm this though. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m saying that this doesn’t bring any user value. Since the alert already contains all the information that the desktop app provides, clicking on it just takes me to see the same information.

Then, if I don’t click on it and just let it timeout, it stacks up number of “missed” notifications in the tray.

I’m thinking the behavior of clicking should dismiss the alert/mark read. Then instead of having a very small “X” button you could have an expand/go to alert page.

It feels like the current action requires too much interaction to dismiss or focused mouse effort to click to dismiss on the tiny x in the corner.

Good points. Thanks for your feedback.

For myself I find quick access to the full “Alerts” tab useful, because once there I can click on the icon of the app involved with the alert and see all the details about it. For example its location, version, publisher, etc…

Maybe part of the window could open alerts, and part would dismiss it somehow.

Your usage may be totally fine. I think anything that would just let me click quickly to dismiss a notification without opening app would be great, so I can easily mark read all the notifications as they come up without having to click on the small X.

One thought, allow right click vs left click behavior? Perhaps left click is dismissals while right click automatically opens app like the current behavior does. Then it’s quick, but not extra buttons.

Just an idea. Cheers!


or at least make the X larger.


duh! always in the back of my mind… :grin: