Display DNS server addresses

When glasswire detects a DNS server change, it displays only the affected adapter in the alert list.

Unfortunately, I have a problem where glasswire reports changing DNS server entries exactly two times in a row with a max. of 1 minute delay nearly every time windows booted (I would like to have provided a screenshot, but this is prohibited for new users, unfortunately). I do not know whether this is a false alarm.

It would be VERY helpful if glasswire could display the actual DNS server addresses (changed from -> to) within the alert entry.


We notice this problem ourselves also and we’re just as frustrated with you. I’m not sure if the next release will have this changed with more DNS details but if it’s not the next release it will be the one soon after.


I have the same problem, but it takes about 20 min for the second “DNS server settings have changed/DNS address connection 802.11n Wireless LAN Card was changed” message appears.

In addition, I get “Device ““Device list changed/Microsoft ISATAP Adapter”” was removed” twice in the same minute. All of this has me a bit on edge as to what is going on.

I’ve had this happen, as well, and believe it’s a Windows thing. To mitigate the risk of DNS hijacking, I’ve turned to using static IP addresses for the DNS settings in my network adapters. I’ve been using Comodo Secure DNS addresses:



As mentioned in another post in this forum I too am having this issue. DNS resets at least twice within the first 1-3 minutes of use…then again at any restart, and sometimes randomly during browsing. This is very disconcerting! I also notice that this is happening on only one of two machines plugged into the same router at the same time, so I’m thinking that it’s an OS or malware issue, but have been unable to find it using my AV, MBAM, TDSS Killer or MRT