DNS change information

I’m having an issue with another application deleting my DNS settings, I believe it is the maintenance service for VPN software TunnelBear… tbear.maintenance.exe

Unfortunately, GlassWire does not confirm this for me, it only tells me that the DNS settings have changed, not which application changed it.

I’m not sure if GlassWire is able to know this information, but it would have been a useful feature while I was trying to work out wtf was going on :slight_smile:

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Strange, I wonder why that software needs to change or delete your DNS info?

I’ll ask the team if it’s possible to see what app changed it or not. Thanks for your feedback.

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VPNs and “smart” DNS services change the DNS servers to represent the desired geographic location rather than the actual location of the computer e.g. to avoid Netflix geo-blocking.


Yes, VPN was originated to allow enterprises to offer direct, private tunneling to corporate servers. The “hiding” of DNS info is a side effect often “sold” by the new multitude of VPN services.