DNS change notification

I receive at the moment every couple of minute one notification. But nothing changes…wierd. New DNS is the same as the old one.

Since my first post I restarted Glasswire, restarted the Computer nothing changed. Over 70 DNS Change notifications without any change in the DNS Address.


If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire do you have?


The notifications stopped yesterday morning. I don’t know what caused it and also don’t know what stopped it.


If you could email me the full screenshot our team would be appreciative. We may be able to find the cause and fix it if it’s a bug.

Please include a link to this thread so we know what the email is about.

Check your router and PC DNS settings. DNS on your PC should be blank/set to automatically acquire. Ideal settings for your router should be and

PC settings are blank. The router DNS settings can not be changed, due to the locked firmware from the internet provider. This option is not visible. So no possibility to change it.

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