DNS Leak issue with NordVPN

Today, I used different DNS leak test tools to check NordVPN such as

All tools showed two ISPs have right to use my internet information. Why it do this?

Are you sure you are using their software properly? I would suggest contacting Nord directly.

I contacted with their customer support but they said it is a tool error. Is it possible? because all tools were showing same results.

A DNS leak test is so basic that it is unlikely to be a tool error. You can try the leak test website NordVPN recommends:

But NordVPN is also unlikely to have this problem because it used by so many people. If there were a problem with their software then they would receive many complaints. This doesn’t appear to be the case so I am far more likely to suspect two things:

  • your system configuration is wrong; or
  • you are not actually using NordVPN when running the leak test.

A third option is that you are misinterpreting the results. But we can’t narrow this down because we have no details to interpret. So I’d also say contact NordVPN again or try another VPN service.

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Another good check is: https://browserleaks.com/ip