DNS server change notices

About 2 weeks ago I stopped getting these notices…which worked perfectly each time I signed on to my VPN service. And I also got a notice when signing off.

I’m wondering why. Is my ISP messing around or has Glasswire or it’s settings changed…or my system or modem in some way?


Is it possible that your VPN stopped using their own DNS servers, or perhaps now their software always causes your PC to use their DNS servers for advertising or tracking?

With my current connx and using…



and googling for the IP shown…I AM using my VPNs DNS server.

So I’m guessing something changed with my system or Glasswire.

I want to be using the VPNs DNS servers…less likely for tracking to be taking place IMO.

Glasswire originally specifically mentioned my ethernet controller or the TAP adapter.

Right after this issue started…I get a notice for a Firefox Stub Installer first accessing the network. I’m trusting Firefox less and less as far as security. Somebodies bulling someone?

Like Glasswire a lot…good to know a bit about what’s going on…

Downloaded the full Firefox installer and installed over…did not fix issue.

I think there is a problem when the installer for a browser changes basic system settings in some way…