DNS Server regularly changing

Hi folks,

I got the last time regularly a notification that the DNS server changes twice. One time from IPv4 to IPv6 and then back from IPv6 to IPv4. I found out that the IP of my own PC is changing at that time. Is it possible that GlassWire is causing this problem, or would there be a problem with my router?
Now I have set a static IP on my own system and added OpenDNS IP addresses to my pc and it is working fine until now…

If you search the topics then you will find that DNS issue arises a lot for us users, e.g.

It may be related to IPv6 auto-configuration:

Hi Remah,

Thank you for your answer. I did look to a few other topics, but the strange thing is that when I disabled IPv6 on my system, I still got these error. My thoughts were that if I disable IPv6 he shouldn’t change the DNS address.

I didn’t try it with GlassWire deinstalled, so I could try that next.

How did you disable IPv6? Microsoft discourage disabling IPv6 if you are on Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

You can disable it on your network adapter, what you can find in the Network and Sharing Centre of Windows. You can uncheck the box by Internet Protocol Version 6. That should unable IPv6 from running.

With my ISP my DNS servers change occasionally also, so this is normal. If you use something like OpenDNS DNS servers it’s useful to see if your DNS changes. Also some malware and some toolbars will change your operating system DNS on you unfortunately, so that’s the main reason we created this feature.

When we came up with this idea though we didn’t expect the ISP to make DNS changes so often.

Thanks for the information, Ken.

The weird thing is that I loose my internet connection for a moment when the DNS changes, that should not be happen. I’ve got kicked from GTA Online so often I cannot count it anymore…

And with changing the DNS, my IP address changes also. Or maybe my DNS changes because of the changed IP address…

@ButerBreaGrieneTsiis Did you try rebooting your modem, then your router?
If you think it’s something with the DNS server I guess you could try OpenDNS servers or GoogleDNS servers instead with your router or PC, but it sounds more like you’re having ISP problems.

That’s OK because disabling IPv6 on an adapter doesn’t disable all IPv6 on that computer. So IPv6 is still available if needed by other programs.

https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/929852 has more info on this.

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You said above that you had set a static address and set your DNS servers to OpenDNS.

Those settings in Windows should override DHCP from the router (or any other DHCP server). So when you check those Windows settings have they actually changed?

What are the specific IP addresses that are changing both before and after?

I will contact or ISP for more information and replacing the modem/router. Thanks for answering on my topic.

@Ken_GlassWire Yes, I tried that before. It did not help, because the IP changed regularly…

@Remah Thanks for your link about enabling/disabling IPv6.

I’ve got a lot of IP addresses. Every time I got another IP address. All in the IP range ofcourse.