DNS Server Settings Changes

I did look up this issue and did see another forum about it; mostly dealing with IPV4 vs. IPV6 settings…and some technical details that mostly went over my head. I’ll admit that my technical know-how is not focused on computer programming; I’m not a novice, but am probably less knowledgeable than most on these forums.

I am not so much concerned about the inner function of my computer that is allowing this. I assume that if this is a legit function, that my ISP making this change for some reason. I am mainly wondering if these addresses look normal and if I should be concerned about this notification being a signal that my computer is being eavesdropped on. Is there a way to tell that (with more investigation) from this notification, i.e. if it is malware or benign?

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium: The message that I get is:
"DNS address connection Realtek PCI GBE Family Controller was changed."
New: “fec0:0:ffff::1” Old: “”

When this happens, the addresses flip/flop with the time stamp (instant). I’m pretty sure that the addresses flip/flop between these same two addresses every time.

Sounds like it’s switching between IPv4 and IPv6.

I agree…now that I read an article to explain what these protocols actually mean!
It would be nice if our media would educate the general population on new technology with half the energy that it puts into Sports entertainment or even Tabloid News entertainment!
The ffff address does make perfect sense now. Thanks Ken

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