DNS settings change several times during browser session

While I’m on the internet Glass Wire informs me that the DNS settings have changed several times. I have open DNS crypt on my computer. Is this what is constantly changing these settings as part of it’s security program? Or has my computer been hacked and I need to look into this further?

We’re working on a new update that gives more details. I have never seen DNS settings change repeatedly while browsing but I guess it’s possible. Maybe some other users have some ideas what it could be?

I am also having this problem one one of two PC’s plugged into the same modem/router. On one computer the DNS resets each time I start up; then again about 3-4 minutes later. Is this possibly malware? Thx

It happens when your DNS settings are over-ridden due to a discrepancy between your modem/router and windows settings.
When you restart your modem (or it loses connection and attempts to reconnect), windows requests new DNS update.

So, either OP’s DNS Crypt is changing dns servers constantly or he has a poor connection that keeps dropping.

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I see this also with my PC. I’m testing a new GlassWire version that has more details about what is happening. We hope to release the update in around a week or so.

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