Do not throw me to desktop if an update is available

The following happened very often to me. I play counter strike or other real time online games and then i am thrown to the desctop in middle of the game because The glasswire update window appears and I die in game! This is extremly annoying and bad advertisement for glasswire because i have to explain why i was not moving in game instantly. I even was about to uninstall glasswire. Please fix this soon.


I apologize the problem. We plan to redesign this system in the future. Meanwhile you can make GlassWire block itself under its own Firewall tab, or put it in “Snooze” mode at the top left menu.

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This is also, generally, a Windows issue. One Microsoft has refused to admit is a design flaw.
It’s called “maintain focus” or “loss of focus”. And has been a thorn in the side of windows gamers since the switch to NT from 9x/Me!

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