Do the Skins Option work?

Paid version and I can’t get the Skins Option to work? Does it work for the free version & paid versions?


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When you say they don’t work what doesn’t work exactly? It won’t let you choose them or what happens when you try to choose one? Are you sure GlassWire didn’t deactivate somehow and needs to be re-activated?

Nothing happens when I choose any of them, even tried rebooting, clean reinstall and reactivated still the same stuck with default skin.



Weird. Please deactivate again, then go to your ProgramData folder and delete the GlassWire folder (this will delete all your GlassWire data, sorry) then reboot and reinstall our latest version. It must be a bug.

Did as you said and no change. Win 10 Enterprise x64




The skin is for the graph itself, not the surrounding Chrome area. If you look at the graph where you have chosen Green & Pink it seems to have changed color there, am I wrong? Try “Orlok” and see if your graph turns to black and white.

Understood as I thought the whole UI would change and yes the Graph changes color! You can mark it solved.


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It sounds like this was mostly a misunderstanding. I’ve invoked skins and find that certain combinations are easier to see in various circumstances (note that the min-graphs also change),

One improvement I would suggest is to make the skins available as a remote functions on remote servers even though they may be “free” versions. I have Basic on my primary machine. I would like to have the graphs of the remote machines be different skins than my primary, but skins are not a “free” feature. Perhaps there are several options that could be implemented on a “free” remote machine at a small fee as long as they are managed by a paid license. (Perhaps $10 per remote skin or a package of remote features. Or maybe the feature comes with the higher priced licenses.) I’m not sure I would pay for such a pricing option :kissing:, but it would be great – especially on one of my remote machines.