Do you ever just reflect on how great Linux is?


After using Linux distros as my primary OS for over 10 years, I love seeing new people start using it; because there’s so much to love about!

The community hands down is what makes it so great. The emphasis on open source software puts you’re thoughts on the mind of the many developers that worked hard to put the software together. The freedom of having full control of your computer and the ability to change whatever you want. The endless possibilities that Linux offers and the creativity that it encourages.

There’s many reasons to love Linux, and I strongly encourage everyone to think about why you love Linux, and to reflect on the hard work and countless hours that has been put into building such an amazing system.

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I think browserOS is the future. You don’t need expensive hardware to play heavy/high graphic games.
Btw is Steam works with Linux distros?

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Yes TheHow To Steam does work with various Linux distros .
Ubuntu Game Pack is one that comes with Steam,Wine etc already installed ,there are others.

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