Do you get 3 separate "keys" when you buy Pro?

Do you get 3 separate “keys” when you buy Pro? Even on Steam? Are they connected in any way?

@yoyoyo Basic, Pro, and Elite are all 1 single key. So if you buy GlassWire Elite you get 1 key that you can use on 10 PCs.

Steam works the same way, and keys on Steam are cross-compatible. If you use Steam keys on our desktop version then it works with no problem, and vice versa.

Thanks for considering upgrading to a paid version of GlassWire!

So what happens if I sell one of the PCs (OFC I would format the disk) and want to use on a new one? I’m still going to use only on 3 of my PCs, max, but how am I able to select which ones?

Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “deactivate” on the PC you no longer use, or email us and we’re glad to help. Our activation is kind of like Windows, so if you deactivate from that PC is should re-release another PC allowance.

You can also email us here with your order information to reset codes.