Does Glasswire changes local hosts file?

Hi, I just installed Glasswire and let it start. Less than a minute later, while I did nothing except watching Glasswire, Glasswire wrote an alert that the file windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts have been modified. As I opened the file wondering about any change I found the following entry: phish.local is my local network, the ip .198 is not used.
I’m not sure if this entry is new, but it’s the only one in the file, so I think.
Did Glasswire made this entry?


GlassWire has no ability to make changes to your host file, but it can monitor it and report changes. GlassWire did not make that change to your host file.

I searched around online to see if I could find a software that might do something like that and I didn’t come up with anything, but I just did a brief search.

Hi Ken,
thanks. I’m also searching. But I’m not sure that this line is new. Maybe it’s an old one. But because it’s the only one and Glasswire reported something has been changed I thought this Line has been added.

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The word “phish” sounds suspect, but perhaps it was some other security software you tried that made the change for a security reason (I hope).