Does not show / record any traffic anymore - deciding on buying it for an entire startup

Hey there,

very intersting!

I used normally avira and malware bytes as well as sygate personal firewall.
Now we want to harmonize the firewall usage to more easy to use less professional (complex) but still potent and secure firewall. Your’s got recommendet and I am trying it out for the team.

The thing though, I let it running today the entire day and it is since three hours not recording anything anymore.
I installed new software and the traffic does not show up.

Even after reboots, re-installs and re-connections.

Sure, it is just the free version but this is for the buying consideration. If the basic function does not work 100% it is hard to decide.

Can I optimize something?
is this common?

Is there a x64 bit version?

Thanks for your reply :wink:


Thanks for considering upgrading your GlassWire version to a paid version. Do you use another security software that could be disabling our driver?

I recommend uninstalling GlassWire, rebooting, then reinstalling our latest version with the “clean” option in the installer window, then let me know if this happens again. If it does please let me know what other utilities you are using simultaneously with GlassWire.