Domain + Proxy = Renders Glasswire Useless

I have a small active directory domain, and have a GPO set for windows machines to pull down proxy settings from there. Decided to give Glasswire a try for the first time in about a year to see how the project/product was fairing, and to my disappointment, it’s in a worse state.

All HTTP s network traffic, it (Glasswire) detects the host as my local network proxy, which is far from the truth. Ran a 100MB test at testmy/net to see if the host would pop up, nope, the name of my network proxy shows up as the host, thus the external is being logged as local.

This used to not happen… Operating system is Win10 FCU, have an Intel Dual Gigabit NIC for SMB-Multichannel purposes (hence seeing the desktop host name twice in hosts).