[DONE][Feature Request] Autoupdate

Would be nice to have an Version Check/Updater/Autoupdater. So the user do not miss any new Version/bugfixes/new features

LOL, right after posting this request, I got nen upgrade notification^^

Yes, we’re considering adding this but we want to be careful it’s secure before doing so.

Thats funny today-3-6-2015 I got a window come up saying =Glasswire update and it installed perfectly removing the old one and installing the new if its not Glasswire then I better check if there is an updater I dont know about. I have been carrying out an experiment for the past 6 months of not installing Windows updates (yes I know my PC full of malware and programs not working right ). I was doing it to prove that its the updates that slow down your PC and account for many problems with programs being accepted by Windows -ie=the "compatibility " assistant and other MS programs which block not signed apps etc . My PC would upset many Windows aficionados as I have blocked many some would call critical programs but the bottom line is =no problem installing programs no Blocking of good programs but MS takes offence to . No blocking of the internet that drove me up the wall with some updates .I am definitely not advocating anybody else to do this but life is easier now and a lot calmer even with the comments -aaaarrr !!! oh no ! and I have found I am not the only one doing this . I should add my boot up time from start to the actual windows screen is 32 seconds its been that speed for a while with a MS quality and speed number of 7.8 out of 7.9 on a Win 7 Prof. not the Win 8 boot speeded up version

Interesting. On some systems I got an update reminder, on others not :confused:
— really? Seconds after posting this, I got the update information on another machine^^

Is there some menu where I can start an manual update check?

You can check our download page manually, then go to the top left “GlassWire” menu and choosing “About” to see your software version.