Download fails every time

Hi, whenever I start my PC (win 10) a message pops up that a new GlassWire version is available.
I hit the download button but the download always stops between 8 and 9 MB and says “Complete”, which, of course, it isn’t.
I tried it half a dozen times, always the same result.
What’s going on here?


Thank you for your report. I just tested with two different browsers and could not recreate this myself yet. What browser are you using?

The latest version of Opera with VPN turned on.

Just tried the download with VPN turned off and it worked. Seems that GlassWire does not like the Opera VPN.


I just used Opera with the VPN turned on, using a private browsing window. I found the download worked. Maybe the VPN server you connected to had a temporary problem or something like that.

We will take a close look at our installs and make sure this is not a problem other people are experiencing. Thank you for the heads up so we can take a close look at this. Losing people who cannot download our software is something we don’t ever want to happen!


the link doesnt work
can i get other link please



Are you using a Mac or Windows? Thanks.

for widows 10 please

@barbarossa Please try this link.

sorry this the link same issue

it s from my downloader program
it s ok now