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I’ve previously used NetMeter and Networx and the feature I miss in GlassWire are data transfer statistics. It’s usefull for me to know, how much data I’ve transfered each month, because I can then use this information when purchasing a data plan with limits. I can’t just keep all the history GlassWire gathers, because it takes a huge amount of disc space and without it GlassWire has no information about historical usage.


GlassWire can show how much data you transfer each month. Go to our “Usage” tab.

GlassWire does not take a huge amount of disk space in most normal cases. We’re working on an update that allows you to choose not to log hosts and it will use even less resources.

Yes, it will show usage for one month and what I’m looking for is a report like that:

As for used space, it’s 2 GB on one of my PCs and around 0,5 GB on the other. I was used to about 5 MB with NetWorx.

Thanks for your feedback. I don’t think our designer can make something that looks that ugly, but I will ask them.

Just kidding. We are planning a user interface refresh in the future and we will consider your suggestions on making it easier to see daily data usage.

Our Android app actually will do this soon.

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