Download total discrepancy?



If you can’t post it here, if you could email it to us it would help us understand the situation in detail. Thanks.


Hi Ken,

Sorry but I don’t understand. What do you mean by ‘it’ that I “can’t post it here”?.

PS - I’ve been watching my laptop and wondering why GlassWire did not appear to be updating the amount of incoming data.

I’ve since found that all ‘incoming activity’ on my laptop appears to have been curtailed and a “Notification” shows “Your PC needs to be restarted to finish setting up devices.” :frowning:

Hmm… It’s 2:20 a.m. here in the UK and I’m an old fart who needs his sleep. I’ll decide how to proceed tomorrow. (Restart or just wipe, etc.)

If there’s anything else I can do to help then please shout…

PPS - Hmmm… looks like I made a HUGE mistake setting my desktop as the default destination for SceenshotCaptor. I can barely see my desktop for all the saved screenshot image files… I would love to upload the screenshot for the LOLs but disallowed by forum rules. No problem and quite understandable.



Sorry, I was hoping to see the many screenshots/GIF to help us see more details so we can understand better and solve it for you. Thanks.



Apologies for the late reply. Didn’t realise you had replied.

I’ve just emailed some screenshots - one of my desktop (not important), one showing another apparent discrepancy:

This is a single screenshot, not a composite. It shows, on the Traffic tab, a download total of all traffic as 1.4 GB (shown as a) yet - in the same view - clicking on the service icon to see the breakdown shows the Microsoft Malware Protection service with a download total of 2 GB (shown as b).

The third screenshot is when GlassWire crashed yesterday. It created a GlassWire.exe.7928.dmp file on the desktop at the time. More info in the email I sent.


I’ve found It’s just wrong rounding in places with digits without dots. Will be fixed. Thank you!



We found the bug and we have fixed the problem. An update will be out soon. Thanks for taking the time to report this in detail so we could find and fix it for GlassWire 2.



This problem should be fixed now, please upgrade your software If something still looks wrong please try a clean install (if you can go with resetting your stats).



Many thanks. I’ll download the new version.