Downloading GlassWire

Once I have clicked on the “download glasswire” button i get the message to say that is on it’s way. I have been waiting for an hour and have not received anything yet. Am `i doing something wrong?

What browser and operating system are you using? If you are using Windows and Internet Explorer then a small bar will pop up at the bottom and you should then open the file after you download it.

Our file should instantly start downloading. Here is a direct link to the file:

One of the things I find amazing about Glasswire is how fast and simply it downloads and installs. If you are waiting, something else is wrong.

I use Win10 and Edge and have downloaded, installed and re-initialized many times and on several different machinges due to the changes I’m making in my system and network. Everything has always gone well and smoothly and, if I don’t deliberately delete the history info, Glasswire just picks up where I left off.

Why would I reinstall again and again? My need for Glasswire is primarily realtime and short term history. While at some point I will make an effort to retain the history, at this point it’s not real important for me. So I’m happy to let the program develop and try to report information that will get us all to the network monitor we really want.


Thanks for your reply - not sure what is wrong. Can you send me the link for the MAC pls as I have a MAC - using SAFARI as a browser and currently on operating system OS X El Capitan.


Unfortunately we only support Windows at this time, but if you visit our download page it will ask you to enter your email address and we’ll email you when our Mac version is released.

Thanks Ken

Is there by any chance any similar software that I could use for my MAC that you can recommend?


Little Snitch is popular with Mac users.