Duplicate rules, non saved rules after reboot

I can see that things like Windows Error Reporting, Nvidia Containers and more do not get recogized as single apps. many times they are detected as new apps and my rulelist get’s filled with these.

Another issue is that after I reboot, the latest rules will not save. This is also not fully reproducible (I could be I need to exit the app before I reboot). What could be wrong here?


Are you using another firewall simultaneously with GlassWire?

For multiple apps, if the hash of the app changes it shows up as a different app in our firewall tab but we’re looking at grouping apps together as an option there.

Thank you for the reply!

No, I only have GlassWire 2.1.152 installed on my Windows 10 Pro 1803 (17134.799) box. It is on a relatively fresh install too. I will investigate further. Maybe I misconfigured something?

Does the setting “Allow File System Access” has any impact on this?


Where do you see “allow file system access”? Is this something you have changed with Windows?

We use the Windows Firewall API, so it’s unusual for it to not save settings since it’s part of Windows itself.

I’m talking about the privacy setting in
Settings > Privacy > File systen >File system access for this device is on/off

What do you mean " Google Firewall API"?

Edit: Another thing, I cannot access local resources while connected. I’ve enabled the setting in preferences of GlassWire.


I don’t think that file system setting matters. Sorry, I do support for our Android app also and I meant to type Windows Firewall. It’s fixed above now.

When you say local resources what do you mean exactly? If you switch our Firewall to “Off” does it solve it, or does it not matter if our firewall is on or off?


I apologize, when I say local resources I mean resources on my local network, like servers or services I have in-house.

How often are changes written to disk then? I mean, is it possible that a Windows shutdown or reboot could happen before GW manages to save to disk in some situations?


The Windows Firewall API should keep rules instantly. Not sure what’s going on…

If you don’t need GlassWire’s settings or any old rules I’d suggest the following:

Uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs
Go to the Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults”.
Reboot - important!
Install GlassWire from www.glasswire.com using our “clean install” and “reset firewall” option.

Turn on our firewall, then block something. Reboot. Check our firewall tab again and make sure everything is working normally and is saved.

Thank you for your reply.

Before I go ahead and do that. How does GlassWire behave when I use a VPN interface (Like the one PIA installs)?

Will it create a new rule for that interface or does it create rules in a global fashion?


GlassWire does not touch the Windows Firewall API until you switch our Firewall to “On”. We do this because many IT/Infosec professionals sometimes set up their own rules and they don’t want the firewall rules touched. They use GlassWire is a visibility tool instead of a firewall in some cases.

If you switch GlassWire to “On” we don’t do anything automatically unless you’re in “Ask to connect” mode. In this case GlassWire automatically blocks new connections until you allow them.

GlassWire works fine with VPN software. We don’t do something to PIA VPN at all, but you can do so on our firewall, or you can turn on “Ask to connect” and block them, or “Block all” and block everything on your PC from calling out.