Elite Activation Code does not persist across reboots

Purchased the Elite Glasswire. The activation code will activate on my Windows 8.1 Pro VMware Fusion Desktop but has to be continually re-entered. It does not persist across reboots. I am, of course, running as Admin.

Any ideas?


Strange. Has GlassWire blocked itself from accessing the network? Can you go to the Firewall tab and see if it’s blocked? Do you have the Windows Event Log disabled?

I use VMWare Workstation myself and I haven’t seen this. Does VMWare fusion somehow delete the GlassWire settings or change the ProgramData folder? Do you use any third party “cleaning” apps that clean out files that are supposedly old?

Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the problem. I hope we can get this fixed for you ASAP.

Same issue with a Windows 10 PC. Everytime I reboot my PC I have to re-enter the code.