Email alerts for suspicious activity?

Hi there,

Does GlassWire offer email alerts for suspicious activity such as outbound connections to malware/hacker hosts?

It would be also nice to be able to define and receive email alerts for any connection to an external host that hits a predefined bandwidth usage threshold (e.g. 500MB within 6 hours) with ability to whitelist trusted hosts.


We are unable to see what’s happening on your computer because the GlassWire data never leaves your machine. This is a great idea for a future feature though.

I was thinking there would be a setting to specify an email account to use to send the alerts (SMTP server/port, username, password, to/from email addresses) so you would not need to access the data on my computer in order to send the email alerts.

The free Acronis Drive Monitor has such a setup. I was going to upload a screenshot of that setup screen but this system said new users cannot upload files.