EMET conflict with new version

The latest version of glasswire (1.2.64b) causes EMET to shut it down. I had to disable EAF, EAF+ and Caller mitigations in order for EMET to allow glasswire to run.

Hello @Ho72

We use EMET also, and wrote a blog post recommending it to others https://blog.glasswire.com/2016/02/17/microsofts-best-kept-security-secret-emet/.

What OS version are you using? Can you make sure you’re upgraded to the latest version of EMET? We are unable to recreate this problem on our systems.


EMET 5.5, Win 8.1. There were no issues until after installing the latest glasswire. I guess it’s not a huge deal as I am still able to use both, just curious why the sudden flag from MS on glasswire.

Do you have any unusual settings with EMET that can help us recreate this?

I have EMET set to the Maximum Security profile (all mitigations enabled). I can export my EMET settings and send you the xml file if it will help. Or I can re-enable the offending mitigations and send you the glasswire dmp file and/or the MS error log that is generated when EMET shuts GW down.

I was having the same issue. I had to disable EAF, EAF+, and Caller.

Same problem here. Had to disable EAF, EAF+ and Caller.

Windows 7 x64
Glasswire Pro 1.2.102
EMET Version 5.5.5871.31892, recommended security settings.


We will see what’s possible on our end. Sorry for the problem.