Error with Glass wire

I am getting an error in glass wire (version latest) " an error occured , contact glass wire for help.
And i have done clean reinstalling 2 times but its not getting effect, i get the same error every time. Pls help.

When reinstalling clean, did you uninstall in add/remove programs (not using a third party uninstaller)? Also, did you reboot before reinstalling clean?


Yes i did but it doesn’t work,
do you have any other solution?

Do you see a .dmp file on your desktop? It can tell us the cause of the crash if you can email it to us (using Google Drive or another cloud service)?

No but i dont see any .dmp file on my desktop, any other solution?


If GlassWire left no .dmp file it may not be GlassWire itself crashing. Do you use any third party software that may be interacting with other apps? If so could you white list us?

For example, if you have a security software that shuts down other apps sometimes for some reason.

No i haven’t any 3d party software.