Eset Endpoint Security and Glasswire

Hi Guys

I resell Eset products into my clients and for the majority use the Eset Endpoint protection which has the firewall malware AV all built in. If I start putting GlassWire in to my sites would it mean I disabling the firewall section of Eset or will they both run ok together?

I didn’t use them both in my experience, but my gut tells me they would match fine.
Please share your experience when you get it solved.


GlassWire only touches the Windows Firewall API if you switch it to “on”. Many people use GlassWire just for its network visibility features.

I am not sure if ESET disables the Windows Firewall API or not, please let me know what you find. Regardless you can still use GlassWire as a network security monitor.