EsetNod32 & Malwarebytes interference?

I use Malwarebytes and esetnod 32 side by and use Eset’s firewall to add and modify firewall rules. Will Glass wire interfere with these two programs? I just want to make sure that certain rules will not be bypassed by this applications firewall.

I haven’t heard of GlassWire interfering with any Malwarebytes products. I’m not as familiar with ESET but I haven’t heard anyone report any problems there either. If you run into any issues please let us know and we can investigate and try to solve them.

Many people use GlassWire as a network security monitor and use another separate firewall product with no problems.

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Thank you for the response @Ken_GlassWire . I will be sure to let you guys know if I encounter any issues.

I use both ,and in my case Glasswire doesn’t interfere with any of these …So I think you are going to be okay if you are gonna use glasswire firewall