Exception for Application Info Monitor?

The “Application info monitor” notification is quite handy for revealing i.e. when Chrome or some other application quietly updates itself - an activity which previously went unnoticed.

However, as a software developer, some applications (ones I’m recompiling and testing) will trigger this notification over & over & over again (each time I create a new build). It would be nice if there were a way to add exceptions, so I don’t have to disable the notification entirely, but also don’t have to be notified every time an app I’m actively developing is changed.

At the moment, I’m left toggling this off each time I start a development session, and usually (if I remember) turning it back on when I’m done…

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Thanks for your feedback. We’re working on a “mute” type of option for some alerts that I think would solve this.

Is it the notification appearing on the desktop that bothers you or getting a notification at all? We’re trying to decide if our mute should just hide the desktop notification or if it should not have an alert number on the application at all or both.

Both. Plus there’s no sense in the alert log completely filling up with hundreds of these alerts either (which I’m sure also uses some additional space in the database as well).

I like to revive this thread since I could not find a newer one.
It seems meanwhile two options have been added to partly address this. Flag to prevent desktop notification and another to prevent the alert altogether – on a global scale.

In my opinion it does not solve the issue, at least not mine.
Notifications are great, I want to be notified of changes!
However, please allow to exclude specific applications by using their full path.
This could either be a full exclude, or even better only for certain alert types.

I would be real happy if you consider adding such an option.
I can’t imagine any software developer (producing executables) to enjoy the current behaviour.

Thank you!

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Thanks, we’ll figure out how this could be done.

Is this implemented? I am also a software developer and it really bugs me every time I compile my app throughout the day.

We’re trying to figure out how to implement it with our UI. I’ll bring this up again with our dev team.

Any news on excluding specific apps based on their storage path?
Exclude from change event, exclude from “ask to connect”?

Are you guys not using your own software internally? Then you sure must know what I am talking about. It be the first I would add as a developer. :slight_smile:

@Pierre I will bring this up again with the dev team. Perhaps it can be part of our “hide app” feature.