Exclude a program application in GlassWire

To the GlassWire Team

Thank you for your work on version 2. I know for me I was hoping to see this feature I had mentioned around July 2017. Hopping to see it in the near future?
It would be good to exclude an application from the usage Apps and Host traffic lists. An example would be to exclude browsers.

I know one can select “Incognito” but that stops everything from showing up while it’s on.

It would be helpful to have an option in GlassWire to browse for the application exe and exclude it in a list.
Maybe under the firewall section? Or in its own tab section. Any one else think this would be a good feature?

Thank you in advance.

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Thanks for your feedback. You may also want to post this in our features thread Future Feature Requests!.

Currently with GlassWire, if you go to the GlassWire firewall tab and click the icon of the app you want to hide it will show “hide app”. The app’s data then won’t show on the graph.

For our Android app we have a feature in the data plan called “zero-rated apps” that lets you not count data against certain apps, like Facebook or Youtube for example. This is because some mobile providers don’t count data from certain apps.

Meanwhile we are working on adding the ability to not log data from certain apps as you requested, along with other “exclude” options.

Also, don’t forget you can turn on “Incognito” at the top left GlassWire menu for Windows any time to stop logging while we work on adding more exclude options in the future.