Export usage details in excel sheet

How to export apps and traffic details on specific date / time?


We have had other users request this. Perhaps we can add this functionality in the future.

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Its very much required, please include at the earliest.

Also as highlighted in the screen below with red-ring, allow user to “resize” the details window. Its really hard to manage with small popup when we have more than 100 hosts to review.

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We will work on improving this feature. Thanks for your feedback.

Any planned release date? Without the report export feature the software is not really helping me to recommend it for official procurement for our organization.

I will let our dev team know about this idea and see what we can do. Thank you for considering us for your organization. I think this feature is a great idea for Pro/Elite users.

Hi, I would really like to see the feature to export the log to external data source (csv, excel, etc).

Any plan to release it?

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I work for a managed IT provider that offers cloud services. We have hundreds of VM servers running that would greatly benefit from the ability to monitor bandwidth usage at the level of detail that GlassWire offers. However, I have to second Mr. Bond’s sentiment that without access to the data, it’s a deal-breaker. Without the ability to export that data into a universally compatible format, we can’t use that data to develop better usage and security policies, we can’t combine that data with all the other data we gather to develop better, more profitable solutions, we can’t use that data to show our clients how and why their current IT strategy sucks and why they need us to fix it all (for a modest fee). :slight_smile:

More importantly… without the ability to export the collected data, I can’t make a case to my company to consider purchasing your software. Seriously, in the age of “big data,” it’s absurd that this cannot be done. There are TONS of firewall applications out there. There aren’t a lot of programs out there that collect application-layer bandwidth usage data as easily and efficiently as yours does. You’re missing out on a huge opportunity by leaving out such a base feature. Even if you only export comma-delimited text at first, at least it’s something. More difficult formats like Excel can come in time. :wink:

Thank you for an awesome program. I will be on the lookout for this feature in the future.


Would it be possible for GlassWire to release the structure of the database, so that someone in the user community perhaps can create a stand-alone export tool?


We are working on adding this to GlassWire. Sorry for the delay.

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Is there an ETA for this feature?


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Not yet unfortunately. I apologize for the delay. We use our own technology for the data so it’s not easy to export yet.

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This is indeed a great feature for me as well as some others.

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Please, make it happen :slight_smile:

Any news on this feature? It would be very well received if we could export Apps traffic data time frames.


Please add this option to our thread here https://forum.glasswire.com/t/future-feature-requests