Extraneous Alerts

Greetings. I keep getting an alert from an executable that runs about every 4 hours as part of visual studio. I believe it checks in to validate my MSDN subscription. Every time, I click “Allow” and the next time it runs, glasswire alerts me anyway. It’s the only program that glasswire seems to repeatedly alert on. How do I get glasswire to stop alerting me about this?

glasswire annoyance


If you click “info” the next two times it happens, does the file have the same path or is it different some way from the previous one? If it’s exactly the same then perhaps your firewall should be reset due to some type of issue with your rules somehow.

Next time it happens take a screenshot of “info” then do the same the next time, then email it to me or message me privately here so I can see.

We ended up talking over email about the issue. You mentioned that in a future release there would be support for whitelisting by publisher. Have you added that to any version of glasswire yet?


Publishers will be available in the main graph on our next update coming in a day or so. Then we’re working on adding that option to the firewall next. It’s one step at a time. Thanks for your patience.