Extreme disk usage while opening apps

Hi there, i have an instant problem with your program, before the update everything was fine, after the update Glasswire is taking huge amount of my disk while opening apps like World of Tanks, Opera,Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare, i also discoverd a huge amount of freezes and low fps rates while Glasswire is taking my disk down, i think the problem lays on the Glasswire control service when an Apps closes and opens, you guys should fix that, This Program is very usefull, Thanks :wink:


If you switch to “Incognito” mode at the top left GlassWire menu does it help? Have you scanned your PC for malware lately?

Wow, yes it helps alot but what does it do that it doesnt eat my disk, is my protection turned off ? no i do not have viruses becuase i have a clean ystsem now and an active bitdefender protection where i scanced my computer and there are no threats

For some reason your PC is accessing an extraordinary number of hosts simultaneously.