Feature: disable detailed statistics for certain applications?

Would it be possible to exclude applications from detailed statistics collection? An obvious example is something like a bittorrent client, which connects to thousands of hosts by design.

Currently, this regularly results in “+999 more” host entries in each idle time statistic, which is not really useful for detecting anomalies…

(I also assume that collecting information about all destination hosts while running a torrent client leads to excessive memory usage on my system - GlassWire needs nearly 600MB according to the process monitor right now.)

I’m aware an option like this opens up several different cans of worms (how to represent excluded applications in the general traffic statistics, how to prevent malicious applications from excluding themselves), but I still think it would be useful.

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Thanks for your feedback. We plan to exclude certain applications from appearing in the graph as a graphic but GlassWire will always pick them up as network activity even though they may not be visible. For example if you excluded Bittorrent then it would not appear on the graph but if you went to the GlassWire settings and added it back then it would appear again.

Our team is also working on making GlassWire use less resources. I hope this answers your question. Some other users have requested something similar and we’re already working on it.

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