Feature ideas I would like to see

I hope I’m not starting a post when this should just be on another but it can be moved or deleted.

So I have some ideas. I just grabbed your Elite version of the software hoping to us it for my wife and I, but so far I can tell this is not going to be good for my wife.

I will start out by saying it would be nice to have this be more like LittleSnitch on Mac, I have been using that for my work Mac for the last 3 months and love it.
I think the whole graph thing is good but does not give me as much information as it should.
I already saw something about you guys fixing the whole firewall sections so I’m not going to go to much into that but it would of course be nice that if I have it ask to connect it would do it for everything and I can allow it for a time period or deny it for some amount of time (This is more like a LittleSnitch feature) and I would love to be able to centrally manage both my computer and my wife’s so that way I can worry about the security a little more and everything just works for her; I’m also thinking about that working for children down the road.

I also wish the alerts section would actually allow me to jump to certain logs or applications and the pop-up when clicking on a IP or app would stay up when I click out of the window because I have gone to do research on that stuff and it just drops down so I have to keep clicking back and forth.

I have only been using if for a couple days so I will get more used to navigating the software but it seems like it has a way to go before it starts working really well. I don’t want to sound like a nag-fest and great job on the product so far, Windows needed something like this.


Thank you for your feedback.

That’s a cool idea about the alerts. Maybe we can make the alert jump on the graph to where the alert took place, then automatically pause the graph and click it so you can see details about what happened at that moment.

Also, we plan to improve “Ask to connect” a lot in the future.

@Ken_GlassWire it might be nice to have a database of applications what they do (including actual windows applications) and if might be malicious to be connecting out; a good example would be like notepad or even windows explorer and especially if they are connecting to foreign IP addresses. It would be good to integrate thing with the ask to connect feature so when a user gets a notification it could let the user see more information about the process connecting out and let you know a description of the service and if where its connecting might be malicious or is on know bad lists.

Just some thoughts, definitely just something to keep in mind.

GlassWire 2.0 will have something like this that tells you if an app calling out is malicious.

Thats great to hear! How far out are you from a 2.0 release?