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The problem I want to solve, is: How can I monitor my entire home network? We have a total of 5 machines, plus 2 tablets and 2 cellphones. I would like to be able to monitor them all at once, obviously without installing software on all 9 devices.

The only feasible way of doing this is to install this on a router. Otherwise, I don’t know of any way to monitor all the traffic on my network. Alright, probably not on a normal consumer router., but maybe on an old computer acting as a router. And then I could log in to the router from any machine to actually monitor things myself.

In the meantime, does anyone know of a devise that I can buy that does this? I’m not in IT, but I’m assuming there’s something for small businesses out there.


That would be a great feature for our small office…

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We’re investigating a way to do something like this but we’re trying to figure out something that would work on as many networks as possible. If you find a solution please let us know.


Based on how your software works as of today, perhaps the quickest way to would be to add module to configure a Windows box as a layer 2 bridge and add it in-line with WAN link (for home or small office link), and monitor there.

Obviously the Windows box would need two NICs at a minimum, and it is not a particularly elegant solution.

EDIT: If you have a managed switch already capable of port monitoring/mirroring (SPAN port), you could just mirror the uplink port to your router, hook a Windows box to that port, and monitor that. I think I’ll be trying that at work on Monday actually…


Interesting idea. Thank you! I have been thinking about a Rasberry Pi as an option.


c’mon guys ,let’s smashém up…

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Have you all considered the ability to ingest Netflow and/or sFlow data?

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I just read a little about it via Wikipedia, etc… would it work for home users?

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Yes, DD-WRT is capable of it.



Yes, it would still be useful… a nice to have; and The use of DD-WRT for this would really remove the worry about dealing with something niche, like the Raspberry Pi. I’ve used iptnetflow kernel module in Fedora on a border small form factor “desktop.”

Think you’re coding in C++; looks like there’s at least one lib available. Probably not on the front burner for now, but would be nice! I’m more interested in a release of your inter-probe messaging spec; then we (the users) can worry about the rest :smile:


There are dozens of router manufacturers. Each router has its own OS. Few of them allow 3rd party tools to be installed. Installing on generic routers is not practical.

I too want to listen to the network.

A modern network “switch” by default does not allow a single port to listen to every conversation on the switch. However, a “smart or managed” switch has a web interface that can allow a single port to be in promiscuous mode so that port does hear everything. A pc plugged into this port while running Glasswire, might pick up all traffic (it would also be a virus magnet). Or, a Raspberry Pi running a LAMP stack from Turnkeylinux.org might work, but that is an ENTIRELY different architecture.

I like the DD-RT idea, but again, it is a completely different beast than the cute little app that GlassWire currently is.

Love Glasswire!


I would very much like to see this also :smiley:

Although the raspberry is a great idea at the moment you do run into the bandwidth problem. In my country we have an average internet connection of 150+Mb download. So you will have packet loss very quickly. You will also need need usb solutions to make it an inline sniffer. With an usb 2 connection packetloss will be higher.

Looking forward to the next Gb usb 3 raspberry :sunglasses:

A good option is to mirror your wan port on your router to another port (what @schoho writes) you can monitor that on your PC (second NIC). Would require that you can configure Glasswire to listen to a selected NIC instead of everything (like you can in Wireshark). I don’t see that option yet.

Its 2016, and i wanted to know if anyone has solved this use case. I don’t anything from Glasswire too. I like the idea of port mirroring, however i am not sure if glasswire can listen to a port and get me that view i require.

Please comment.

We’re working on this still, but we want to do it in a way where we can support as many devices/networks as possible so it’s a big decision.

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I like your product but does not work well as in need this for a whole network. Products that i use are Sophos home utm and smoothwall or sonicwall. If this could be installed on a x86 computer as a stand alone program would be awesome.

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One way to do this would be to have a manage switch that support port mirroring. Then you monitor the network inteface plugged into the mirrored port and use the other interface to see the actual LAN network.

You’d mirror the port your router was plugged in to.

I’m about to test now on a system.



Cool idea, thanks. Let us know how your testing goes.

+1 this idea. I’d really like to ensure the safely of my whole network and if a user is compromised, exclude their system from the others.

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