[Feature Request] Ability to see hosting providers and blocking hosting providers

I am interested in seeing not just by IP what my computer/app is talking too but who the under laying hosting provider. For instance, App A is talking to xxx.yyy.zzz.123 which is hosted by AWS. I want to block all traffic to AWS or all traffic to Google “GCP”.

Cool idea! By the way, if you’re using a recent version of GlassWire you can actually mouse over the three dot menu after the host name and it shows a lot of details about the host. That feature may be interesting to you if you haven’t seen it yet.


Yes please add this feature!

Were you able to block traffic from AWS? I just also want to do it on my site, but I’ve no idea how to do it


What’s the purpose of blocking AWS traffic? I think you will find you blocked most of the web and apps unfortunately.

I’m sorry for posting here but I hope that this feature will be realised in the near future

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Can you help me out?


We are looking at ways to do this so it will be easy to use and light on resources. It’s quite a large task for us. Thanks for your feedback.

Okay, thank you for this

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