Feature Request - Block All by Country

I’d honestly like to be able to control where my data goes geographically. Blocking by country (however imperfect) would be a great asset.


Cool idea but I worry it would cause more problems than it would solve. For example if you visited a website using a content delivery network and the country you blocked had a CDN server there then parts of the page may never load.

Perhaps we could have some “block by host” option then offer subnets, domains, and countries by geoip.

While I do agree that in certain cases it could be a troublesome issue if the user doesn’t understand the ramifications of it (particularly with how inaccurate GeoIP can be at times); I, and several of my colleagues, would appreciate the ability to block communications by country - either all-encompassingly, or on a per-app basis.

Maybe enable it in an “advanced features” tab in the settings?


We’ll see if it’s possible to include this in the future, thanks!

We have a country blocks on at work and it cause very few issues. Any problems that do arise, we just whitelist the specific IP address. This would still be a great addition to Glasswire.


this wont work for glasswire, why?

As an example my NAS is using an ip of single digits so X.X.X.X. it thinks my NAS is in Australia. im in the UK…

while you’re at it also please an block all EXCEPT cerrtain hosts/subnets etc.
so I can force certain stuff (like windows explorer) to stay inside my network