Feature request: camera and mic notifications - show only first use

At present the Camera and mic monitor alerts are very noisy and generate tens of alerts daily for routine applications such as Skype, Discord and numerous games which I use regularly. The high number of repeated alerts gives the feature a poor user experience to use. I would suggest adding an option to only show the first time an application uses the camera/mic. This would be similar to how the network device monitor has an option to only report new devices rather than all devices joining/leaving. A more mature alternative would include a Firewall or Usage style tab showing applications and when/how long they are using the camera/mic.

This problem is especially problematic for myself as I have numerous input devices which each generate an alert. IE USB Microphone + sound card audio in x3 + integrated audio in.

I understand this is a new and immature feature and as such, has likely not been fully implemented yet. I also understand that this is a secondary function for Glasswire who’s main job is network monitoring.

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@jacob Thanks for your report. I think that “new” feature is a good idea and I’ll submit it to the dev team.

You probably already know that you can also go to GlassWire’s settings/security then choose “camera and mic monitor” and uncheck the “show desktop notification” box. I’m posting this in case others don’t know.

Then you’ll still see activity on GlassWire when it’s opened, but no desktop notifications.